Aldex® AMS 3010 Crystal


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Product Overview

Size: 1000g

Dimensions: 5″dia. x 6.5″h

Each bottle treats 7.5 gallons of aldehyde.

Our Aldex® AMS3010 is perfect for your formalin disposal. Add crystals to containers holding solution and dispose in the trash.

When use as directed, Aldex® AMS 3010 neutralizes and crosslink’s 10% formalin or up to 4% glutaraldehyde and converts it into a non-toxic, non-hazardous end-product that can be safely disposed in your regular trash with our crystalline powder product. Aldex® also reduces exposure to potentially hazardous vapor emanating from most aldehydes.

Use 1 tablespoon (8g) of AMS 3010 for every 8 oz (240cc) of aldehyde. Allow sufficient time for the fluid to solidify. Solidified aldehydes treated with Aldex may be placed directly into your regular trash.

Proudly made in the USA.

Note: AMS2010 & AMS3010 can be used for spill clean-up or bulk neutralizing.

*It is generator's/user's responsibility to follow Federal, State & Local regulations for treatment & disposal of waste.
* California state requires a Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Treatment (CESQT) permit.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review