Xsorb Biohazard Spill Clean-up Kit with Face-mask, Gloves and poly Coveralls with Booties - Case of 6

Impact Absorbent

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Product Overview

Xsorb Emergency Response Biohazard Spill Clean-up Kit with PPE including Tyvek coverall with Booties 

Single Kit size: 5.5” x 1.75” x 8.5”
Handles 16  to 20 oz Spills

Drop ship only.
Normally shipped within 5 business days. 

Make the best of a bio-hazard spill clean-up.
For Bodily fluids (including vomit, blood, saliva, and urine) spills Clean-Up Kits for the absorption, handling and proper disposal.
Fully compliant with OSHA's Blood Borne Pathogen (BBP) Standard. 
ompact packaging allows for convenient storage.

 Each Kit Contains: 

  • Tyvek Coveralls with Booties (1)
  • Facemask with Eyeshield (1)
  • XSORB Plus Super Absorbent with Disinfectant (1 Pouch)
  • Disinfectant Wipe (1) 
  • Antiseptic Towelettes (2)
  • Paper Towels (2)
  • 5 mil. High Risk Protective Gloves (1 Pair)
  • Plastic Scrapers (2)
  • Biohazard Disposal Bag (1)
  • Standard Disposal Bag (1)
  • Detailed Instructions (1)

*Xsorb II with Disinfectant is a unique blend of siliceous mineral silicate of various compositions, polymers and disinfectant.

Safety:-Please refer to the Health and Safety Code regulations in your area for proper handling of bio-hazardous spills.

Disposal Information:- Please refer to the Health and Safety Code regulations in your area for the proper disposal of biohazardous waste.** 

Xsorb meets and/or exceeds EPA regulations for proper and safe disposal of solidified liquids passing the PFT (Paint Filter Test),
TCLP (Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure test) and the LFT (Liquid Release Test).
With the exception of a few, most states accept and have adopted EPA standards regarding disposal of absorbed hazardous or toxic waste in landfills.

Do not use Xsorb to absorb hydrofluoric acid. 

 **It is generator's/user's responsibility to follow Federal, State & Local regulations for treatment & disposal of waste.

In the State of California the handling, storage, treatment and disposal of all regulated waste shall be in accordance with Health and Safety Code Chapter 6.1, 
Sections 117600 through 118360, and other applicable regulations of the United States, the State, and political subdivisions of the State.

Xsorb MSDS


(No reviews yet) Write a Review